Sunday, April 1, 2007


Finnally... some time to relax.

This weeks been heck between work, allergies, and business. Little time to even be on the laptop.

Been working my way slowly threw a few books Link1 Link2.

Been working on stuff /w the SNCO project most of the week... been digging into XHTML/CSS with it. I'm starting to write pages XHTML compilent and use the validator to catch typos. Usually missing '/' on end tags in lists.

Had the bosses dog for the weekend while they were out of town.... spent most of it walking 3 dogs and being sat on.

I feel like shaving, showering, and throwing a 'Spidey can go back to work' party and inviting both the RvS and S4 departments lol.. Sad when you need a vacation from your time off work ! Or feel happy to be getting back to work in a day or two.

R&R would be nice....

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