Saturday, June 2, 2007

I have to little time on my hands

Some times I think I must be drunk off of thin air ^_^

 * All nicknames changed for confidentiality
(07:35:07)  My Nick:  One day, old Linus was aboard the H.P.C. Tux, sitting
hacking at Linux -- Power PenguinPC's are just so much better then regular
penguins :-P 
(07:35:35)  My Nick:  When a Kraken came a knock'n on his cabin door. And
threw him in the county lockup 
(07:36:54)  My Nick:  One day, the great Microsoft corruption posted that
they had 'acquired' the rights to all Linux code past and present through a
(07:37:03)  A Nickname:  laugh out loud 
(07:37:13)  A Nickname:  Microsoft would wreck it 
(07:37:44)  My Nick:  RMS & ESR got together and sat a think'n on how to
save the day 
(07:38:01)  My Nick:  RMS: Surely they have taken him prison ! 
(07:38:08)  My Nick:  ESR: But where ?? How ! 
(07:38:20)  My Nick:  RMS: There is only one place !, Bills Bunker 
(07:38:31)  My Nick:  ESR: We must go at once and rescue him forth with ! To
the emacsen 
(07:38:44)  My Nick:  RMS: Careful, to only route to Bill's Bunker is by
hacking in QBASIC 
(07:38:47)  My Nick:  ESR: ... 
(07:39:24)  My Nick:  The two legends started hacking away at QBASIC leaving
a trail of bugs behind them. Till they fell off the end of the Internet and
landed right next to Linus in Hackers Hell 
(07:39:48)  My Nick:  Linus: Hey ! get me to !$#$ out of here 
(07:39:59)  My Nick:  RMS: Uhh, I didn't think of that.... 
(07:40:19)  My Nick:  ESR: I know how but it is indeed not pleasant.... We
must go back and fix all our bugs. Using QBASIC 
(07:40:34)  My Nick:  Linus: Oh GOD no, we can just rewrite Windows 
(07:40:44)  A Nickname:  heh 
(07:40:51)  My Nick:  Six billion man hours later, they broke out and hit
the court house. 
(07:41:48)  My Nick:  Steve Ballmer: All your base are belong to us! 
(07:41:53)  A Nickname:  heh 
(07:42:35)  My Nick:  The mighty war PC's of the free Software Fleet and BSD
Hackers stood tall 
(07:43:22)  My Nick:  A massive battle ensured, the E.S.S. SUSE was capsized
as Hovsepian jumped ship 
(07:43:41)  My Nick:  In the end, all were destroyed but a single Operating
(07:43:45)  My Nick:  Emacs !!!!!!! 
(07:43:48)  A Nickname:  Linux 
(07:43:50)  My Nick:  < the end > 
(07:43:57)  My Nick:  lmao, I really need a life 
(07:44:05)  A Nickname:  laugh out loud

Maybe I should just sleep instead of looking for good code to read.

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    by: hitochigae at 2007-06-06 10:57 pm (UTC)
    comment: "To the emacsen" is just brilliant :)