Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ahh another late night...

Spent about a half hour adjusting last nights work to use a more snappy display. I've also gotten the rest of the module done except for the final output to file, since that connects to a module that doesn't exist yet (note to self, create a dummy).

I've been spending a lot of time with C++ and Qt4 lately... I must say, it does grow on you! Although I do personally find Python and Ruby better suited for building prototypes but whatever works.

My heads telling me, I could stream roll a few more things that need trimmin' but I know if I did that, I would either end up going to bed about the time I need to report for work or worse, end up using Dixie as a pillow >_>. So I guess I'll have to do those the next night I work on this codebase, rather then tackle the next phase by then :\

Sleeping with your head propped on a laptops keyboard is probably not comfortable!

Hence it's bed time...

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