Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Sitting here day dreaming of a sexy lady...

Dual (2 x) Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 CPUs (Yorkfields) running at 2.66Ghz clock / 1333Mhz FSB --- these chips are to drool for!!!

6~8GB of PC2-5300 *ECC* Memory for good measure ;-)

4 x 250GB Seagate SATA hard drives in RAID 5

Dual (2 x) graphics cards with twin dvi ports per card; twin nVidia 8600 or 7800s would be nice if possible.

4 x LCD Monitors -> 17", 19", 19", 17" or larger.

1 x Floppy disk drive, old tech but still valuable.

2 x DVD Burner

1 x CD Burner

1 x 5 button laser mouse

1 x standard issue PC keyboard

Running FreeBSD 7-STABLE AMD64 for the operating system of course.

Shit load of fans and one hell of a powerful PSU not to mention a huge desk !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only problem, other then that the mother board needed for something like that would cost an arm and a leg alone.... Is that nVidia's drivers for FreeBSD 64-Bit (amd64) suck and there's only so much ram addressable by 32-bit systems without hacks like PAE.

Oh man, I think I need a cup to catch the drool, this calls for a song

Slap ya grandma that would be one beautiful rig !!!

I think my laptop is ready to disown me ^_^

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