Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Going out of my mind, Phase II.

Grr.... 6+ hours in attempts to allievate the keyboard problem have resulted in a fouled up beyond repair keypad; this means either I find a replacement keyboard, or a replacement laptop.

What worries me is /finding/ a replacement. The laptops about 2 years old, and was "old" at the time, hence why it was on sale to make room for newer packages lol. Even at vendor-side prices, I should be able to afford a new keyboard module, if I can find one! Buying a new laptop, that's a different story... sure as hell ain't room for that in the budget lol... The fact that the most suitable laptop systems (refurb) have gone up in price, over $200 for the holidays don't help either...

My working environment rules out the use of an external keyboard, mouse, or monitor; so any way you slice it, I'm screwed until I get a replacement keyboard. It's only 0135R, and I'm already bored stiff. Played a few maps on [SAS] Proving Grounds #1, nice to see I can still work that games MP5 trigger like an artist for double taps ;-). Played a bit of the new maps on [SAS] Training Grounds #3, good maps and good practice -- but I miss my Dixie :-(

I'm used to being camped out with a laptop all night, terminal on one virtual desktop (with vim sessions), web browser and chat on the second, and the third on standby. Living with Windows until I can get a replacement....


I miss my FreeBSD powered mobile work station....

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