Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hooah, I've nearly completed my little organizational pattern hehe.

~/stuff                            -> dumping ground for work load management
-------/bin                        -> binaries to help out (links to ~/sh)
------------/cgrep                 -> comma grepper for contacts file
------------/reminded              -> reminder notifications daemon
-------/bookmarks                  -> links to pages I need to read
-------/contacts                   -> CSV file with why,method,id of people I need to contact
-------/delegates                  -> list of things I pawned off on other people (and need to follow up with)
-------/open-loops                 -> list of things I need to do; if it is here, it is a commitment
-------/reminders                  -> directory full of reminders
-----------------/YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM -> send me this files contents on YYYY-MM-DD at HH:MM UTC
-------/hope-chest                 -> things I wish I had time for; deal with in future
-------/school                     -> reserved for future need
-------/projects                   -> tmp files for various projects.

On Sunday (2008-12-07), I started writing cgrep in Perl, and setting up the contacts & open-loops files. Finished the final touches yesterday, and finished reminded today (Aside from tweaks needed for WinXP; adjust $ENV vars). Not to bad, considering how little coding time I've had lately :\

Terry@dixie$ ~/stuff/bin/cgrep -h   
/usr/home/Terry/stuff/bin/cgrep -- Grep for the contacts CSV file

    cgrep [IWhimvw] [-f file | --file file] regex [file ...]

        -I, --id                grep the 'id' column
        -W, --why               grep the "why" column
        -V, --verbose           display line for AWK
        -h, --help              print usage help info
        -i, --ignore-case       ignore case distinctions
        -m, --method            grep the "method" column
            --man               read manual page
        -v, --invert-match      select non-matching items
        -w, --who               grep the "who" column

Terry@dixie$ ~/stuff/bin/reminded -h
/usr/home/Terry/stuff/bin/reminded -- reminder notifications daemon

    reminded [-t seconds] [-n|-m addr] [-p program] [-d directory]

        -D, --debug             Debugging output
        -d, --directory         Directory to search
        -m, --mail=address      Remind by Mail to address
        -h, --help              print usage help info
        -n, --notify            Remind by notification popup
            --man               read manual page
        -p, --program=string    Execute string as the notifier
        -t, --timer=secs        Sleep secs between checks


I'll probably modify ~/ to launch reminded during my sessions; maybe rsync files to Vectra, and run it in mailing mode.

Things in ~/stuff/open-loops are more or less sorted into a queue of tasks; which are to be done in mostly the order listed. Once they are done, they get deleted; and generate or nuke other entries IAW the resulting outcome. So far, it's actually worked well enough; cgrep, reminded, and the structural are all done ahead of schedule. Now if I could just do something about controlling the amount of time available to work on crap!!! I once tried Personal Information Manager (PIM) software, but usually found the surveyed apps to lack the level of flexibility I need. And to hack it in, would take more time then using a few megs in sticky notes. ssh'ing to Vectra and mucking with a todo file ain't so hot either, so here we go :-) It's simple, it's effective (as anything else), and no need to screw around with a big, overwait, memory hogging, overly mouse riddled program, just to manage things -> I can use my shell xD.

It's amazing, how often I can throw perl at a problem, and see it work lol.

Then again, I can usually read my Perl scripts in six++ months... can't always say the same for other peoples golf game.

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