Friday, December 12, 2008

Dang it... almost 0830Z, and I need to be up early tomorrow!!! (Eh, today actually... lol). I think I've spent more time waiting on the freaking documentation @ to load, then writing code! It's faster to just download the docs off at ~1MB/sec. Heck, it's taking longer to unzip then it did to download lol -> that's kinda sad.

Although, arguably if I had just used C++ for this, I could have been done by now and spend the remaining time on libraries. About 15minutes with Python, and the whole thing would be done, and no compile/linking to care about on Windows >_>. Well, at least there is still no need to pack binaries for each platform... that's one plus.

But a huge negative, to have to finish the program tomorrow after work lol.

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