Sunday, November 30, 2008

Interesting finds

%Windir%\system32\ (typically C:\WINDOWS\system32\)

clipbrd.exe -- ClipBook Viewer

Big question, can I actually use it for anything? (Grrr, vim is better); windows clipboard management out of box seems to suck, or require finding a program almost no ones ever heard of :\

ftype -- manages file associates

very bloody useful - no more need to invoke explorer.exe to play with them.

systeminfo -- quick print useful data

Gotta remember this next time I'm working on a system; msinfo32 provides more info, but for some dang reason always seems to need start.exe or rhe run dialog to launch it. systeminfo gives a good first look, and is easier to grep.

Windows XP does have some useful changes from DOS 5/6 based releases, but I've never actually found a lot that isn't in my MS-DOS reference >_>.

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