Thursday, April 2, 2009

GR Oh man, that is just so wrong...

I've had this theory for awhile, but I think this proves it well enough for me... I was playing Ghost Recon with the CENTCOM mod loaded, got to a map that the objective is to clear out insurgents from a [very very small] city without waxing the civis in the area...

Loaded up with a G36 rifle and AG36 launcher, one perk of video games over real life - much nicer kit selection >_>. Mission went well, aside from the "support" assets doing little more then sit on their rear ends. Made it to one building and was just floored... I see an enemy shadow through a wall, AK in hand. In another building I found a stair case heading up and 2 shadows above.

Sure enough, where ever I went, the shadow of an enemy tracked my position with his rifle - through the floor. Even worse then that lol, moved up stairs.... shot him in the face and took out his cronie behind the landing without a scratch, the AI can't even CHEAT correctly lol.

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