Monday, August 10, 2009

crazy dreams :/.

Nearly caught on a rendezvous (before any fun), and had to fast-talk myself out of trouble; one virtue of dream-land, your powers of persuasion can easily approach the level of a Jedi-mind trick :-). Later on, I dreamt of being betrayed by a giant insect like 'mech, that actually looked like a modern rendition of an old Power Rangers villain from the 1st or 2nd generation lol. Ahh, good thing it is easy to dream oneself a cache of rockets hehe. Only later to be ambushed by a squadron of Imperial Storm Troopers while traveling, and afterwards trying to sneak past their regular army troops with a friend; before being cut off and chased around the city by hordes of the flood before making an escape to medical facilities to regroup; and then being involved in a car chase...

I think maybe, I am playing to many action games on the PC of late lol.

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