Friday, May 28, 2010

Managed to get out for a bit, on 'errands', but also visit the library. After helping ma find what she wanted to look up, I got to sit down and read in peace for a couple hours.

I was reading Prioritizing Web Usability, and went through sth like 250-300 pages in one sitting. Very good book and well typeset. Of course the way my mind is, I was reading it like web pages, I read very quickly, usually. Web pages I can parse twice as fast if it's not to dense (the book wasn't). The huge difference? Sitting in the library, at peace without being driven nuts, and having my mind sufficiently occupied, I was able to focus in and relax. The other night while reading on the couch, I had to read sentences like three or for times, to compensate for the squawking at and throbbing head \o/. Hey, I can multitask something fierce, I even can swim in regular development stress with a smile, but I'm at my best with peace and quite. The kind you can't get at home...

Maybe it is a weird thing but sitting and reading at a library, is my idea of relaxation lol. The downside of course is coming home again, but I guess, nothing is perfect..

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