Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tried to get through work by focusing on code, because I know if I focused on anything else, I'd likely be nuts by the end of it. Main problem was my body screaming "Sit down and eat ferociously" the whole time :-/. I've been trying to adapt a friends advice about eating more regularly, but still the mornings leave a lot to be desired.

Most of the times I'm seriously hungry before mid afternoon, it's so early out, I've basically have to weigh between making to much noise and roughing it. If I wake up her royal pain (or the dogs who then wake her up), I get cussed at for the rest of the day, and much more dentimental side effect of it: not being able to get stuff done, while she sleeps :-(. I need to think up something to eat early on in the day (eh, night, morning, whatever) without getting compromised. Gotta put those ninja skills to use...

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