Sunday, March 13, 2011

!!! has Gundam Wing !!!

In passing the time until it's time to go back to work, I've been fluttering across the Internet. Right now, I've just had a huge smile brought to my face! --> Hulu has all the Gundam Wing episodes!!!!!

This show was my first introduction to the Gundam franchise, I remember sitting on my bed room floor in a huge pile of LEGO bricks when this hit Toonami; I was like 12. my geekish nature has kind of always been there, but it's really been impacted by an interest in  Mecha. In my life, there's only been a few to really catch my gaz deeply in that regard. The little known film: Robot Jox, '80s RoboTech (particularly the Macross Saga), and Mobile Suit Gundam: Wing.

What else could have gotten a kid all but wanting to camp out in front of books and calculators near 24/7, studying every ounce of information he could on technology—except trying to figure out how to design a 'mech lol.

I've always told myself, someday I'm buying the series on DVD... hehe.

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