Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Winning at simple economics

Generally when I make any kind of important calculations, I do it three ply:

  1. worst case is ...

  2. probable case is more like ...

  3. ideal/best case to hope for is ...

In my present financial calculations towards vacation and future operations, the notes are looking like the probable case is beginning to surpass my original best case by a wide margin, and the worst case was already above minimal requirements with a small margin for error. I'm kind of a pessimistic optimist, or an optimistic pessimist. Never could figure out which.

To top it off, my equations generally anticipate sudden "Expense bulges", courtesy of parental unit, explosions, error, and unforeseen Murphysters. That generally reflects a sum greater than what the worst case looks like, or at least most of the time. Perhaps it's growing up without even an allowance, or being used to things being tight, but I generally succeed at managing my cash flow. Even in a game like Killing Floor, where you need to spend plenty to survive the waves of zombies, I'm a frugal son of a bitch.

All I need fear is Murhpy's CF—or someone could steal my mayo jar!

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