Friday, January 31, 2020

Several times now in my life, people have found it curious when I’ve taken an easy going or kind attitude rather than being angry, or fuming about things. I too, sometimes find this curious.

Growing up, I can remember people’s anger reaching the point of destroying a room, leaving it trashed. One of my fond childhood memories includes a door being torn apart. My own realization as a youngster about needing to control my temper, left a hole in a closet door in the realizing.

It’s fair to say that I am the descendant of people known to have hot tempers, as well as for stubbornness. I certainly have both attributes, I just tend to manifest them differently. For one thing, I try to direct my anger where it is deserved, or warranted. Because I remember what people radiating anger can do. I also try to remember my grandfather’s outlook: try to be like a duck, and let it roll off your back. Ironically, he also had stomach ulcers.

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