Vectra II

Today I post a history and a log of my oldest computer here.

When one of my employers (who works in IT) found out I wanted to run FreeBSD but my mom wouldn’t let me repartition her computer (which we shared). He gave me an old office computer, keyboard, and monitor and I bought a Microsoft Basic Optical mouse for it. It gave me my first expirences with FreeBSD 6.0 and PC-BSD 1.0RC1-2. After PC-BSD made it’s 1.0 release, breaking upgradeability (via easy install patches) with the beta releases. After I got a new computer which runs XP and BSD, the machine sat more or less just for a way to quickly check system files or man pages when I needed to look some thing up.

After some time I tried installing NetBSD 3.0 on it, nice system but it just felt wrong after using FreeBSD/PC-BSD so much. So I overwrote it with a large install of FreeBSD. Just incase I might need to fall back to it I setup Xorg and Windowmaker. I wanted to set it up with Samba/CUPS so I could print form it and store some files on it. I never got a chance to finish samba config and the install burned most of the HDD. A few weeks ago I reformated with a bare bone install of FreeBSD 6.1-Release with the intention of learning more about system administration and security. System Specifications:

Model: Hewlett Packared Vectra Vli8 500
Processor: Katmai core, 500Mhz Pentium 3
Memory: 384MB DDR RAM
Storage: 8GB Maxtor IDE drive
Extra: 1 x CD-ROM drive, 1 x 3.5 1.44MB Floppy drive