Die Cupsd, Die !

Well I tried every thing I could with cups-1.2.2 on the box with no luck. Hooked it up to my laptop running PC-BSD and cups 1.1.x and got a nice test page.

I tried to install cups 1.1.x with little luck, so I ripped every thing off the box (packages) and reinstalled cvsup-without-gui and fastest_cvsup (which added perl5) to sort later. I’m telling you I’d rather toy with arcahic UNIX printing, at least for that I’ve got enough books all ready about. Although most people dealing with lp/lpr tend to cringe I think hehe.

Comptemplating switching from firefox/opera + thunderbird to Seamonkey. I really like the F.F. UI, but Opera (not win32 version) has awesome tabbed browsing. My favorite browser is generally links for text but lynx dispite oh most no page layout is still the best in my book. Konqeror is by far a supurb program. I wish Internet/Windows Explorer was that good. Konqueror is also allot like fire fox in the UI so it’s easy to use, but why bother using Konqi on *nix and F.F on Windows? Any more then Opera/F.F.

Oh well, off to tinker for the night with browers. A good toy indeed, after all I sorta collect them.