I don’t know whats worse, having to go to work in 7 hours or not having enough time to finish my own work.

I’ve installed Samba on Vectra, but I expect she will still give me problems with the printer. I can deal with that later. I thought, for my needs I could setup anonmous ftp on the box and skip samba [and the printer :P]. But then, what fun would that be ? Hehe tooo easy. The last time I got to toy /w setting up Samba to share files to a Windows box I got as far as being able to find the server, but I never had the time to setup the authentication hahaha.

Working hard may be work but working out of love can be fun as all getout.

My work can be very stressful, some times even leg [or back] breaking but it’s only 4-5 days a week School, well I’m home schooled and have loads of it so theres no such thing as time off without a price [Weekends included]. Yet, I enjoy computers so much, sure it can be a pain in the royal hind quarters. Non-sensical problems especially – I still have no idea what happened with my router, but s’ok if it works, we figure out the mystery in time. At least, here I’m free to be me, a console doesn’t try to control you Unix lets you define yourself.

Windows, I leave behind tried of being confined. PC-BSD and FreeBSD I take up in joy, a new toy to tinker with maybe but it’s passionate. The more I learn and the more time I spend working with computers [and wishing some one would pay me to have such great fun:D]. I find my self enjoying it too much. If I have nothing to do, nothing to learn, and nothing to eat to boot I’m deffo in trouble. What point is their to life if you don’t get to enjoy the simple things in life?

Now if only that dream vacation was possible…..