I’m very tempted to try and put Python + QT to work. A good reference should be able to deal with the diffrences between the C Standard library and what Python offers. I know KPorts is available as a crazy PBI for PC-BSD to give people a gui frontend for ports/packages but. While it gets the job done it’s too darn crashy !

If I could manage to do it (would be learning my first toolkit), a frontend thats got full support for portupgrade and portaduit, strong searching and is reliable + configurable is nice. Functionality, Ease of Use, something thats easy for a newbie but powerful enough to be a professionals tool. Maybe add support for pkgsrc or emerge and stuff in the future. I dunno if I could with how much I know about programming now but there’s always the future.

If I did it I’d want to try and keep things tidy, like so:

Implement code to manage ports

Create a graphical interface using QT

Trim things to allow a great deal of seperation between functional code and user interaction so that it’d be possible to have diffrent GUI’s but not have to rewrite all of or edit most of the code that actually does the job.