One mad Spider !

For the first time, the PC-BSD project has irk’d the wrong button on my panel. In what appears to be issues with commerical software being able to abide the same quality standards and “short-commings” of the PBI system that joe packager has to deal with. Pkg_add of the main program is now allowed in a PBI. So I guess if I wanted to make a PBI of Xine I could force pkg_add Xine and no one would care weather or not that pkg_add’d the xine lib(s) used in Kaffine and then deleted them when forcing a pkg_delete ! (Still in the hypo-theory field here). Still I find this un acceptible. Such a change should have been made all of 3 weeks after PBI’s started installing into /Programs instead of another area prefixed with My 🙂

In short they have had a lot of time to deside this but they do it now why ? To me it feels as if it’s because compiled Win4BSD can’t run that way or because with the PBI system as it is (now was) breaks it. Win4BSD does not look open source to me and I have no other problem with paying for such a program. If the program needs to be changed internally to run on PC-BSD as a PBI *They should do the Frigging work*. If it can’t just work right with the way a PBI installed program is supposed to because of the PBI system rather then the program. * PC-BSD is flibbing late about making changs to fix this ! *. In short I’m very annoyed that it looks as if a commercial project can make an Open Source Operating System bow down to cater to it in order to put their product on the offical PBI directory with a stamp of approval. It would seem Win4BSD Distribute the product only in binary form. The Win4BSD people all ready offer the Schweine of a PBI for download on their own mirror. Why should PC-BSD bend over backwards to get a pkg_add frontend PBI of a commerical product on offical mirrors. It makes no sense !!

PBI were ment to be easy to install/uninstall and not touch the system directly. Allowing oen to uss a pkg_add of say konversation but not adding qt/kde pkg’s via the PBI is one thing if done right. You also have to remove any lib’s from the pkg used in the PBI before using it e.t.c. to make sure which is another level of work on a PBI Developer. * a frigging nightmare for PBI testers as well if they ever forget to read the scripts before installing *. If you want a front end to pkg_add theres no reason to PBI it. Just use a KDialog ina file…

I’ve Contemplated removing all of my PBI installs (reinstall via ports) and demanding my XMMS, Megamek, and Blackbox+BBKeys+BBConf+BBPager+Docker PBIs removed from pbidir but what good would any of it do ? I’m only a PC-BSD user, a mighty annoyed one at that. I’m not the kind of person to “jump ship” when stung but this irks me. I’ve all ready tried to distance my self from PBI Development for my own issues but this is beyond issue. How to wage a war for principals slain by it’s founders? I’m not sure yet… Find a way I very well may. All I can say is I learned a very good phrase in German to day for what I have to say to them.

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This is not the last time my voice will speak.