Trash, FUnk, and Crapola.

Some times I feel, as if I speak and no one cares. Maybe I should just learn to keep my mouth shut and my business to my self. I don’t know any more.

Perhapes I should halt my work, let it rot and be done with it. Just go home and head out to the CQC Range with team mates. Life can be a load of bollocks some times… So far I’ve been wanting very much to start re-learning emacs but I can’t stand the infernal editor ! I remember when I started I couldn’t handle Vim so I tried XEmacs and learned it all right. While I don’t remember the keybinds well I remember them enough, I’m just to “Vi minded” to use emacsen. Also my Vi User how to post is nearly finished, I’ve but a few more things to add to it.

Untill I can find out what is wrong with the PBC file created by my proof-of-concept scraptest or get necessary data on how to bypass PBC all together. Most of my work is for naught. Dang it, I remember I started the day before thanksgiving and practicly sat at my laptop for three days. I’m not really a shell scripter by nature, although I’ve vastly improved. I worked like a dog to get as much done while having to learn and prototype several things on the go +work ITRW. Took a few days off then hit at it again and again and again. As time would allow, now it’s in pretty good shape (near alpha imho) and with a proper rewrite my scraptest files could be fused into the main implementation.

Yet with out some fscking help to deal with PBI Creator or by pass it there is little more I can do, execpt maybe refine my icon configuration and finish the PBI.*.sh generator. My plans have been for it set up the PBI file to automatically do detection if the PBI is preinstalled or optionally a conficting/old version when ran. Maybe I should just change the files to bear the GPL (barf) and post them on the forums for some one else to deal with, I ‘m getting sick of this $]-[|+. I started work in November, it’s nearing January now and I can’t continue very much alone.