Well, I’m a bit leery about it but I’ve done it. I’ve posted on PC-BSDs forums. I had hoped to have a proof-of-concept out of this scraptest file before I delete it but I doubt that will happen without help. I also wanted to merge it into and complete the last stuff so I’d have both interactive and batch modes covered plus the planB method of PBI Creation.

The scripts not pretty but its just garbage for testing work, glad I don’t really write finished shell scripts like that..

Been busy attacking an old Java source book. it dates back to before JDK1.0 but its a fun read. Maybe I’ll take up Java I dunno. Recently I’ve been rather bored with most languages. Perl and Java study have kept me busy but the more I look into perl the more it looks like a great tool you don’t want to have to read what some one else wrote some day just to quickly fix a problem and never rewrote it. Java I’ve never cared for the extra OOTyping needed but its more C/C++ like then Ruby or Python and still a nice language. AWT looks like a simple to learn setup but I’ve yet to see many Java apps that look nice. I don’t know what is the most often used these days though, AWT, SWT, Swing, or other standard issue.

Being idle recently has been annoying, without any thing to work on what fun is there having some of the greatest tools ever made?

You know as long as no one changed the hier for home directories I could interate through each one setting up the icon files. If I could use PBC to just pack the project directory and do the rest with my script. It could work but that would mean for batch mode to work a special but very simple for joe blow to write project file would have to be created. HmmmmmM !!!!