I’ve been working around in assistant and designer (qt3). Docuementation is pretty good and the system looks neat. TO be honest, I started on it because I was bored =/

When it comes to graphical toolkits I’m some what familer with Javas AWT (abstract window toolkit) as it was in the pre JDK1.0 days. I’ve never writen a AWT app. Dang gum it, get up for five minutes and the dogs all ready bamboozled me out of my spot ! So far I think I like QT, good solid documentation. Good GUI for making a GUI, and seems a pretty smart system for building graphical applications. I prefer ANSI C to C++ but C++ does have its virtues.

I once started a GTK+ C tutorial but I couldn’t stand the examples… To much of the GNU coding style in it. Just seeing a function ( like, this ); makes me cringe !

Personally I like functions like this:

name(parm1, etc); {
/* code */

and thats generally how I write C. When I first started learning programming in C++ I wrote out in the style the tutorial dictated, namely.

int main()
// Code

As various coding styles have always interested me and I like the idea of beauty meets readibility. I some how developed an attraction to keeping the opening sqiggy brace on the same line rather then the next line. I don’t know why but I find it more astectic.