Sigh, what do you do when life hands you a $>1+ burger and tells you to chow down ? To bad we can’t just send it back to the cook… I’ve got work extra early so I have to get to sleep ASAP, yeah like thats gonna happen. I know my self better then that. We’ve got to take 3 of the bosses dogs to get their teeth done. Then start a new job, then pick up the dogs. And Thursday not only do I have to do our biggest work day. But we also got to take the bosses other 3 dogs to the vet. Joy, me and Barny getting sat on and licked to death my Macy while Leo fiddles about… Barny is nearly 20 years old, blind and nearly deaf. Macy is bigger then me had if shes an ounce lighter then 70lbs I’d be shocked. Dogs the kind you give a WIDE birth and avoid getting sat on. But sweet as can be. Leo’s just a big loveable mutt of about 55-65lbs. And I’m gonna get sat on I know it, I just know it lol. I get up, I work, I try to get to sit on my ass for af ew. Try & get a few games in, do my work /w the [SAS] e.t.c. and its heck at times. While my moms ‘active’ on or off her couch. I can’t do a lot. Because I’m the errend boy and what ever I’m doing no matter what. Is and can never be more important then any thing she wants. Yeah, thats it. I see the FreeBSD kernel as a work of art to read, a thing of beauty. To my mom? Bah she’d probably call it worthless trash. When its just as much art as the works of Michelangelo (di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni) Michelangelo had a talent with his hands and heart taken to sculpture. Just the same, in code form and engineering design from where I stand. So is the FreeBSD kernels sources. Damn its like reading the work of a master. Sigh, no coding to night. Since I have to go to bed.. not like I’m likely to sleep worth a fart in the wind. How can one sleep when ones mind is free in torment ? I dunno. Heck if I was a drinking man. I think I’d be stone cold by now, sad thing I’m not maybe.. *SIGH* Why, why… can’t things just work. I work like a dog, and what do I have to show for it? I’ve seen a do be treated better. Now thats kind of sad isn’t it? lol. ph|_|{|<. In a way, I miss times since past. Yet at the same times hate them with ernest. No longer a pet spider, not enslaved yet still forced to toil.. well I now I’m not making much sense but. To make a long story short. Don’t ask, just leave ‘pet spider’ alone, its an emotion thats not going any where fast. I remember, being able to spend hard times in the company of som eone ho cared.. it was a good thing. Who knows maybe I’ll again share such a thing with some one special. I know the relationship we had was, I admit in the end not the way it had began. Lol, the tease put out of conmission by the one who wouldn’t flex. Uhh never mind that too. Life was kinda good for awhile, but it did teach a very good lesson. When they stop complaining after you havn’t shaved a week and things heat up even more. Be alarmed, be very very alarmed. ph|_|{|< only one to get me to exersie. What the frig was I thinking man.. like I don’t get enough of that at work ha ! I dunno any more. Was life really any better that way then it is like this ? Some times I wonder..but I think it is, or at least no worse. Oh well, at least shes not around to tempt me… man I wish I could dive into some code for the night.. but no I’ve got to get to bed.