Dying a mad mans death bit by bit.


Can’t do shit, have to walk dogs, clean up, do stuff, deal with ma’s computer functional illiteracy.


Lunch, forums, first login, web-chores. Can’t do shit – dog and bird driving me batty.


Dinner followed by can’t do shit

Wee Hours of the morning:

Freedom, can work till I collapse.

If working – probably can’t do shit, have to get up early.

TRYING TO DO ANY THING IN THIS HOUSE IS LIKE TRYING TO STUFF MY PH|-||_|{|<1||6 HEAD IN THE STREET IN THE PATH OF A FRIGGING 18-WHEELER AND LIVING AFTER BEING RAN OVER !!! I’m going f***ing crazy here. Peopole get paid to work for then 60 fucking hours a week on this shit and they won’t even alot me a few hours a day to work in piece. Even if I switch to my room, use the laptop. Kick the TV up so you can here it outside put headphones on and blast heavy metal till my ears hurt. THEY WONT FUC@ING LET ME SIT THE FSCK DOWN AND THINK ABOUT WHAT THE F&CK I’M DOING !!!!!
Its intolerable ! and moving out is not even a frigging hope let along an option.