1 Thing I’d love to see. Is a simple yet powerful language like Perl/Python/Ruby thats got a C/C++ style compiler like GCC. Like being able to run the C pre-processor on the files before compilation and being able to link the object files together into an executable.

But also, a simple interpreter that implements the standard library and can run single file ‘scripts’ like a Bourne Shell. Yet with the options of being able to ‘link’ to pre-compiled libraries of code to extend itself in order to run the script. That way, people could use the interpreter for use interactive (like irb / python) yet run scripts and not have to have a development environment (compiler and friends) and any precompiled libraries could be distributed with the script.


import math_module
import sockets_module

Compile the app and link it to a math and socket library. Or i f we’re using the interpreter.

foo -l lib1, lib2

or even in the script

#!/usr/bin/foo -L /usr/lib/foo/

Would be kinda cool.

The power, flexibility, and speed of a compiler yet the simplicity of an interpretor. But with keeping the ability to also use various libraries of code with the scripts. One could probably do some preprocessor work to include the library code in the script before using it too and save disk space.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if one could work on a Project in Python instead of C++ and keep a compiled executable. Yet when ya need a little script for some ‘loose ends’ to just go ahead and write a script to do it in the same language as the project ? Hehehehe.

I think D has the ability of doing a script, like #!/path/compiler -run at the top of the file. No clue if its a dual-purpose compiler/interpretor or if it just compiles an executable in temp space and runs it or what.