10 Thou shalt foreswear, renounce, and abjure the vile heresy which claimeth that “All the world’s a VAX”, and have no commerce with the benighted heathens who cling to this barbarous belief, that the days of thy program may be long even though the days of thy current machine be short.
This particular heresy bids fair to be replaced by “All the world’s a Sun” or “All the world’s a 386” (this latter being a particularly revolting invention of Satan), but the words apply to all such without limitation. Beware, in particular, of the subtle and terrible “All the world’s a 32-bit machine”, which is almost true today but shall cease to be so before thy resume grows too much longer.

Ten Commandments of C Programming

This some times reminds me of how I feel about assumtions. Uusally met with me thinking.

“I’m not running Windows, !@#$ you”

“I’m not running Linux, !@#$ you”

“I’m not using MS-DOS, !@#$ off!”

“I’m not working in Visual BASIC or Visual C++, really un-!@#$ you”

“What if I’m not on a 32-Bit system, oh go !@#$ your self”