Of Code and Programs

Hmm, do I regret never having formal education in programming ? Not really no. Although I think it would’ve been cool to of had a teacher.

When it comes to languages and what not, every thing I know I’ve basically learned on my own. With the assistance of the fine World Wide Web of course. For what ever reason, don’t know any more lmao. I started learning C++ one day. Said what the heck, installed an IDE and hit the web.

That was maybe 1.5-2.5 years ago I think..

One thing I do think I’ve missed out on. Is being educated on the things that transcend the languages. For example.. implementing a bubble sort in language foo should be easy enough ! But on the other hand. I’d much rather have a strong understanding of sorting algorithms and how to work out such problems my self. Then be able to implement the same solutions in many tongues. Although there’s arguably no optimal algorithm that can solve any problem hehehe.

I find my self most often thinking in C or Pseudo English when trying to express my thoughts about computer code. I know about linked lists and such. But implementation wise I tend to visualize that sorta stuff in C =/.

I don’t know why but Unix, C, and Vi feel just right. Like an extension of my hands. Now, I’m no solid programmer that’s for sure. But for all of my personal study C is my strongest language. I’m not sure which I’m better at expressing my self in. English or C, its like a First and Second language kinda thing =/.

I don’t really think I’m cut out for systems work but I often think about it. Stuff like implementing languages, compilers, drivers e.t.c. all interest me. Hell I’d write my own device drivers if I knew what the heck I was doing. Only thing is I don’t :@

For me the language is a way of expressing a problem, an idea, or maybe even a solution. Although I reckon its meant to be easier for the computer to understand then humans lol. When reading programs I find the hardest things not figuring out what the code does. But how it interacts with the things around it.

Like, the initiation code in the FreeBSD kernel. The codes right there, plain enough as the nose in front of my face. But its hard to understand it. Because I know jack about it. The intimate relationship between the hardware… hard to grasp that fine. Yet its some thing that interests me so.

alas, tis late and I have a feeling to be close to some code. But I have no problem to solve. Well other then a little idea for the Rct Checklist hehe. I know near diddly squat about PHP and MySQL. But its fun and the syntax is close enough to C/C++/Java/Perl that I can figure it out, looking up a few odds and ends to be sure. As I go along with it. Like functions scope.

I do rather like C in that regard, I feel how it handles scope and linkage to be rather logical. Yet in a simple manor for most of it.