Sheesh, I should learn to just roll over and die instead of stand up for my self some times.

Ma caught me doing some research on programming jobs. Now shes pushing, just what I need another pain in my ass. Programming is not like changing a frigging light bulb, Ok?

For petes sake its the kind of stuff a stack full of bachleors degrees would be competitive’ish for a start. Heck if I had ‘practical’ expirence that added up to my work history as a Schei├če Schaufel ‘er. I might actually stand a good chance. She doesn’t know a thing about programming. *huff* to her the FreeBSD and Linux Kernels are pieces of !@#$, to me they are works of art.

sigh… why can’t people ever leave me alone.. especially those that don’t understand (and usually in her case.. wont or can’t. (imho)). I need a ficken vacation.

I’m so tired of this place……