Job seeker

Well, so far in search of a junior admin job…

The only one I think I could get, is one I saw listed in NYC. Basically the only one with a ‘Green horns need not apply’ strapped on for all intents and purposes.

Tried putting in an application at IBM, doubt it went well. Was in to much hurry to get it done before heading to work to do it *well* structure wise.

Hit Google Jobs… dang I think I’d love to work there. I really prefer BSD but hey, Linux is cool with me!

Think I might also see if Bellsouth has a way to put in an application online.

Its probably hopeless but at least I can try. Heck if I could sort transportation and make the Months bills. I’d practically sleep in the server room lol. Personally I doubt any of them would hire me for more then pushing a broom around. I wish I could afford to get certification on Linux, maybe take a nice course on Perl. Then maybe I could get my foot in the door, without loosing the leg too.

I think with some time to brush up on the Linux specifics I could probably handle LPIC1 with a little study. I’m basically a BSD man. And what I don’t know off the top of the head about the system, is in the systems manual. One thing I love about *BSD, good manuals hehe.

No clue what I could do for transportation yet. Ma hates driving 10mi’ish for one of our jobs. Let along 30-50Mi to Atlanta. Suppose I sorta screwed my self by not driving people crazy trying to get a License when I turned of age… The fact that the car has no A/C is besides the point… Probably would have to do the same thing Mr Wayne does to get to work.

One thing that sucks, nothing really involving computers is any where near me. Every things basically in Atlanta or around it. Work also looks easier to find out towards California or Texas.

*sigh*, I’m probably going to end up bagging groceries at Krogers. Then I’ll have my Brother/Sister (more so brother I bet) bugging me that its Krogers and not Publix (where they work). Any one with a back and an arm that bends could do that. Theres nothing to learn… And I know damn well that it’d become life.

If I end up working there, even if any decent computer job comes up. I’ll have to deal with ‘Can I make as much as I am now’, ‘Will it cost me more to switch then stay’, If I did get to leave for a computer job. And it was a pay cut, I’d never live it down. Any money I make would be going for the bills. So saving for certification would be out of the Q. I’d have less time to learn, so my studies in Programming, Computer Science, and Administration would suffer even more then current business demands.

I don’t want to be working at the grocery store 40 years later, even if I made store manager at the bloody thing !

Some how I think the [SAS] was both a blessing and a curse. I love what I learned and passing on what I learned to new members but. Like with my Computer studies. I’ve educated my self – because no one is gonna fscking teach me. And I sure as heck can’t pay some one to do it lol. I guess that’s just life.

*sigh*, if I was smart… I’d probably grab a physics book and go back to manual labor…. Leaning about High Energy Physics would probably beat some of the crap HS calls home work.

To do list for the week:

Back up the server
Finish admin menu for Recruit Checklist module, upload for test site.
Swap over currently updated module to Main Site after final tests.
Tinker with my programming tasks.

Oh yeah, need to look at a PDP-11 Emulator and find some way of doing it… I’d like to get Unix Version 6 running in it. So I can screw around with the code. What good is source code and documentation. If you don’t get to play 😉

I figure, probably won’t be good at it but its a good way to learn more about OS Design. And without breaking any of _my_ systems. Stuff like Kernels and Device drivers have always interested me. And the good part, doc’s on how the frig a PDP-11 works is a lot easier to come buy then finding technical info on all the related parts in my Desktop lol.