Hmm… if I sit and imagine where I’d much rather be. I see my self sitting on a deserted island with a bottle of vodka…. strange really.

I’ve mostly been able to get nothing purposful done today… Got up for 5 minutes to do the wash and hours later.. Still squat is done ! I finished most of the UI and started planning on the rest. Even set up a small test to see what it looks like compiled.

Its impossible to do any thing in t his house…. unless its at night and I can’t stay up for quite some time now. Because of working mornings. So I’m screwed any way. Need to flush my mental cache before I go mad, because I’m no lush.

I think if I hear the word School Work one more time I’ll throw up.

Since I have little time to do any thing. I was thinking about breaking up the program into a number of different programs. For example the main window and the configuration dialog would be two different applications in. And to interact with one enough, they could communicate threw a 3rd party. Each would know how to interface with this 3rd party rather then having to talk to one enough, they talk to the middleman who talks to the other 😉

Some how, I think its poor GUI engineering but I like the design in theory. At least, it sounds better in my mind then how I’ve worded it. I also want to try and expose parts of the implementation through scripts that can be edited without touching the programs code.

Thus, while the program would handle the process of figuring out what to install (e.t.c.) *some* of the actions performed could be tweaked. For example, as I have it envisioned. There is less concern about the implementation of the ports collection in the heart of the program.

So far, the only thing that gives a damn about it is the wrapper on make.