My lib

Some thing constructive for the night. Cleaned up a lot of stuff in my utility/portability lib. Including a bool datatype for when stdbool.h is not around. And if it is or its C++ use the local boolean.

Aslo tried to make it slightly more friendly to pre-ansi compilers. Not that I’ve ever used one or seen one.. have heard of a few people meeting up with one though !

Basically I started it out both out of interest and Windows. I’m a tad lazy, I’d rather use an err( int, string ) then fprintf a string to stderr and append errno plus call exit() — A good 2 or 3 lines usually. When I can do it in 1 or 2 depending on the type of message I want displayed on exit(). BSD/GNU extensions have err()/warn() routines.

Windows of course lacks this totally as far as I can find. So since I was interested for a long time in how to create libraries I looked up how and implemented the err()/errx() I used so much in it. As well as most of the routines I’ve created in a few small programs. I don’t expect to use the thing for much more then building my programs on Windows w/o having to do a lot of search and replace. I just love err() 😉