*drool* I wish I could get one of these babies.

Looking at the custom options, 1.66Ghz Core 2 Duo. 15.4″ Display, 1024MB DDR2, 80GB HDD….. $895.00 man I wish I could get that baby.

This laptop costed $650 for a 2.0 Ghz Mobile Sempron, comparable widescreen displace, 512MB DDR, and 60GB HDD. Plus I had to put up with a $100 restocking fee, because I exchanged a $750 laptop for it -> Because it wouldn’t run any thing but Windows (slowly). Which I had picked because they we’re out of any other laptop in my price range… Best Buy Bastards !! lol.

But I’m lucky, my laptop works great on FreeBSD aside from shitty 3D performance