I don’t know why…. but some how every time I start looking at web browsers. Lynx just keeps coming up as #1.

Lynx seems to be able to give me every thing I could possibly want out of my browser. Except for Tabbed Browsing, the options of Images, and most importantly… being able to lay out a page decently !

Links does a much better job on laying pages but I’m more comfortable with Lynx, dang I wish I had time to see what trying to create a new browser based on the Links and Lynx code bases would result in :/

Netscape navigator 9 I like a lot but it’s just too bloody slow.

Firefox 2 I can’t stand, it’s crap as far as I’m concerned… Hopefully 3.x will rock.

I like Seamonkey but since I use only webmail now, theres no need for it when theres Firefox and Navigator.

Opera I like a lot, it’s got a few rough edges but it’s one of the best browsers I’ve ever used. I’ve got to reinstall it on my desktop, keeps crashing…. never had that problem before. It’s nice enough to ask to restore my session on the next run tho.

Konqueror and Safari I like a lot but nether are portable enough for my needs, *yet*

I need to find a decent web browser, some thing I can use consistantly on Windows NT, Linux i386/AMD64, *BSD i386/AMD64, and Mac OS X. While I don’t have a Mac and rarly use Linux Distros. I like to have the SAME program as much as possible between OSes. Like Vim, works on every OS I’m likely to use and nearly any OS I’ll probably bump into. The major difference is I tend to preffer GVim (Vim’s GUI) only when I don’t have a decent terminal emulator, like on Windows XP. CMD.EXE is a poor one compared to Konsole.