Morning log

Hmm, what a morning…

finally off work til Monday afternoon… Even if it is only Sunday.

I learned a new thing about the German<->English dictionary I use, like how to get all entries on a given subject (e.g. comp, mil, e.t.c. )

I’m becoming quite proficient at dealing with larger volumes of E-Mail, since I’ve joined the Ruby-Talk mailing list… Which has a fair bit of messages per day I can tell you.

And I’ve successfully ported my current bookmarks from Firefox to Opera and reorganized things. I’ve got to re-do them every now and then. Clean out to crap and re-sort things so I can still find them !^_^!

I’ve got to figure out a better file-sharing solution between systems, SMB just won’t cut it. Hell, I think I’d be better off using NFS at this rate…. I’d like to try a Secure SHell FileSystem (SSHFS) or WebDAV but I’m not completly sure how well that would work. Really, I would love it if I could have my home directory mounted over the network with some way to tell Windows to treat .dot files as hidden (as they are on Unix/Linux systems).

I also want to try and set up a WAMPP server off my desktop to try and work on some website building on my local LAN, maybe see if I could build Version 3.0… but I usually don’t have much time during the day. So what should take weeks would take months, what would take months becomes years… And I can’t spend 2400-0500 every night working on it and go out to work 0930’ish in the morning every day ether. It would be so much easier if my family would let me work during the day, consistently…