Idiot on deck

mm, one of my favorite things to do.. Organize crap ! lol.

On the agenda for the day:

  • Update, organise, resync, and probably rewrite my vimrc
  • Find note taking software, write it, or kiss VIM into doing it for me.
  • Solve the multi-machine but single user problem…. My data getting spread between several PC but still used by just little ol’me.
  • fix my laptops SSH configuration
  • *Some day* finish working on my browser reintegration… Craps spread between Konqueror, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape..
  • Try new file management idea
  • Figure out how to use Vim for mail composing and temp files for message backup

currently my file system looks like

tmp -> usually crap I don’t want cluttering space in ${HOME} or Desktop but won’t delete yet

Work -> Files I’m currently working on not related to [SAS], usually need to be moved to ${HOME}/Programming/Language/, documents, and images. -> a directory structure of all things related to [SAS].

I’ll probably have a follow up post when I have more time to think on the file system issue.