Hussle Bussle

Damn it feels good to get my feet out of shoes… Even if it’s only an hour til I go back to work.

I’ve missed the chance to post 3 or 4 entries I wanted to do.. When I’m busy I usually skip my Live Journal for the day. My E-Mail and server time usually being the next ones on the list to go….

The day started with a 0930 roll out to get ready, home from work, chores done by 1700. That gives me maybe an hour to rest. Then I go back to another hour and a half of hell. Not a bad days labour for some one people bitch at that he doesn’t work, eh?

I’m anxious to see what if any response my post in SNCO’s has gotten. But I don’t have time to deal with the other messages if I do log in. I uploaded an HTML Export of the current draft of the SOP’s. I consider them *almost* ready for release, just a couple more things that I know we need to do. Clean up the section on Communication, I think for the sake of Getting It Done. I’d like to grab a couple of Members and have a group huddle to work on a few things.

What En4cer did for the V-Commands SOP which I adopted into this rewrite as necessary… Is good stuff but we need a RvS and S4 V-Com section that goes hand in hand with each other. And En4cer is sure as hell not current enough on SWAT4 to be able to do it so even if he was active enough…

So, Plan C:

Rip it down to an outline and rewrite the hole thing from scratch. Including writing both sections at the same time(ish) to more better synchronise them.

Also Appendix I needs to be reviewed and I want to change a few more things but I need time to do it.

I’ve taken to keeping an Operations.txt file on my Desktop and having Vim open it to show coloured indentation markers. In such a way I can use it as a Quick & Dirty outline / notes file. While retaining the power of my text editor and skipping learning a plugin to do basically the same thing but more completely =/.

*sigh*, between Family and Work, life is a nightmare…. There’s not a lot good left in my days when I’m not around [SAS]. To be honest, I think I’d do better in the Military… I think even a Private would have more take home pay then both of us combined :S. If it was enough to support my mother… I might even manage to have a chance at going after it. It would also be a chance to do some thing with my life… if my body could stand the Physical Training I might even enjoy it. Ones country can’t shit on you as much as your family for trying to be of help can they? lol.

For my age, I should be strong as an ox…. Rather then having nearly as many rattles as a FORD Tempo.

I always hoped to keep the Army and Navy open as possible options for my future. But I don’t know if the parts would stand up to it any more. I’ve been working in this business since I was 15, without pay or respect. I remember when I was a young teenager people said I had a mind older then my years….. Less then 10 years down the road I feel like I’m developing the body to match =/

…. Fuck.