As much trouble as an hour of shaving is… It’s nice to finally be rid of that beard. Even if it took having to work Saturday for me to actually do it haha.

One of these days I’d love to get a straight razor (basically the old fashion kind)… Might cost a little (lot) more then the common safety razors used these days. But I think having to care for the blade would be cheaper and more effective then buying replacement cartridges every now and then (yes I am a cheap bastard).

The minor of issue of having to learn to use it would also be no problem (hopefully). The cost is the problem =/

Hmm, hopefully I’ll get at least 15 min before work to catch up on my reading for the day. I left off some where around Page 19’ish a couple months back and never found the time to continue.

*Sighs*, wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice long vacation with lots of reading time… hehe.