Finally some time alone.

Home from work, til 0700 tomorrow..

Every one is mostly quite so maybe I can take some time to get a little work done. I’ve spent most of my time these past few days playing Armored Core: Nexus on the Playstation 2 since no ones let me alone. I’d like to take some time to work on learning more about LISP, there is only 3 major forms of lisp I know of in fairly common usuage. Emacs Lisp, the language used for extending the GNU and X Emacs editors — which means it’s probably able to do any thing in it short of write an OS only in elisp (without other languages, like Assembly).

There is also Common Lisp, if I remember correctly it was an attempt to mak a common ground among the various dialects of LISP that sprang up over the years. And there is Scheme, I think the current standard for the Scheme Language was just released back in Augest. For me, I think Scheme is probably going to be the one I try to learn. I’ve never really used a lisp like language before, I’m used to C-Like ones, BourneShell, Python, and Ruby probably being the farthest I’ve gone in other directions.

The problem with Scheme as I see it, would be finding a suitable implementation (hopefully also supported by SLIB). That it won’t be to easy to shoot my self in the foot with. I’d rather like not to have to be tied to any given implementation but I don’t know enough of Scheme to know what *not* to depend on. I don’t think it would be to serious a problem, although not as simple as with C. With C, it’s quite easy to find out what you *should* have by systems that implement the languages standard. And there’s some level of standardization among Unix like systems of what ‘extras’ you are given. The Win32 API…. I’m not even going to ask. In fact, the first time I looked at the Win32 API, it made me think Assembly would be more fun. Well… Technically if I had the time to invest in it, I’d probably love learning X86 Assembly and all of the hardware related stuff that might lead to learning in turn.. So just call me Crazy as they come.

I find generally, I can learn almost any thing given enough time. The only problem is getting around the obsticlues (time, energey, and a family that will not comply).