Will the Phoenix Project ever fly again?

After conversation with some one poked my mind to the subject. I think I might try and restart a little work on some of the stuff I was writing.

I was talking about teaching room clearing in real life easier then in a game. And I remembered an idea I had about a section like that in one of the books. Probably a stupid one to joe blow… but I think it was a funny idea 🙂

I once had a Trilogy planned for a story I thought of in the BattleTech universe. It all started out as a fantasy/day dream. And it lead to me thinking up an interesting idea for some thing, almost a full book in length. And that lead to plans for a 2nd and 3rd book (sequel and prequel). But I never got to finish Book I, The Phoenix Project (the working title). I wrote a short story a little while back based on ideas for Book III but never sorted it out. I figured the short story would be a give a good feeling for writing more about ‘Mechs then Urban combat.. Most of Book I put the protagonists on foot, in the middle of an enemy base having to carry on as Commandos after their ‘Mechs were crippled.

I don’t know if it would be as easy to write the core part of it… The stuff I thought any way made is such a good story. But at least I could probably do a better job of the CQB side of it, there was a lot of Room Clearing involved. I could probably do that much better with 2 years of experience in [SAS] since then.

I can’t say much for the quality of the writing but the story was good lol. Hmm, wouldn’t it be nice if their was a machine that could take thoughts and convert them to words or even Pensieve… That would be sweet.