For the first time in a good while a good classic was on, Gone with the Wind. Although I’ve defintally snored through it enough times over the years, it’s regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made.

I still find it hard to watch at times, I might not agree with every thing that has happened. I don’t discriminate against any one, be it for race, creed, colour, or religion.. To me the difference between a White man and a Black man is only a matter of appaearence, you can tell them apart in a Line Up. Beyond that they are pretty much the same to me, they are both human beings and should be respected as such.

What else can I say of the South other then it is my home? I was born in the South, I live here and I work here. I’m proud to be an American and I love my home.

In the Civil War as in so many other places, so many wars, so many countries… The people of the south were made to feel results of war. The Union army burned, raped, and enough and many were ground into the dirt to ensure such a thing could never happen again. Thousands of men dead, sick, and dying, not even any thing left to ease the pain of those still alive… Most of the people starving and penniless with there families torn apart. People shouldn’t be ground into dust, what good does it serve. All the more worse then because it was not a war between countries but between brothers.. One I feel that could have been settled without firing a single shot.

Even to Christ on the cross, it’s never been enough for some people. Even without a war to fight, people can still be monstrous.

When the time came… It wasn’t enough to nail him to a wooden cross and be done with it. They tortured Jesus beyond the bounds of torture until death could only be a release from the agony and pain… Is it not enough just to kill?

Man has both the ability for Good and for Evil, I think it is the choice of which do you seek that matters.

When the chance comes, will you do what you think is right or will you play to your own advantage at any cost?