I’m exausted…. Tonights a night I feel like just sleeping, but I know then nothing would ever get done…. Thats how I end up staying up til around 0400 and having to be to work by 1000… After enough years it takes it’s toll I guess.

I’ve broken out my old Java source book to see if it might be able to use it for a SAS project I’m working on.. I was figured I would just use Ruby and place the classified parts into a C Program. I can make the C program make very darn sure that it is “The” authorized ruby script that it passes information to. But then I remembered that there are ways of out witting that with Ruby. And just counting on end-users lack of technical exbertise would kinda be stupid, because other wise they could just have the info… Since my prefered way of doing it in C/C++ would require replacing the Ruby prototype with a C++/QT4 program, that means it would have to be under the GPL, a license I don’t like but one I can live with (ISC and X/MIT licenses are more my style). I was planning on making as much of the code available as possible any way. But using a compiled language would just make it much safer and more effective, if I didn’t need a program to call it and try and make it ‘secure’ enough, much easier to just do it all in one spot… And I think Java would make it easier b/c I’m used to C/C++ and probably know Java syntax better then C++, even if I’m about 9 years out dated in Java haha!

Hey….. if only Windows built in ftp client was worth a flying fuck… hehe