Operation: Sit on my Ass, starts…. NOW !!!

I got off wok early today, about 1400 local and home for lunch by 1445, hit the Forums over at www.sasclan.org, ate, and got my movies list ready… Taking the rest of the day off as a personal vacation/holiday.

Blog, radio, tv, food, code, books, e.t.c 🙂

Raided my bookshelves bottom shelf for the VHS collection. We’ve got like 150-250 VHS tapes in the house but I’ve maintained only a small collection (20-40) in my room, so I know where to find them lol. We’ve taped just about every thing but watch almost none of it unless it’s on TV HAHAHA ! It set off my nose but I’ve complied my watch list, probably will take me a few weeks but it’s nice considering that I have not seen most of them in ages.

Links the the plot outlines on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for convenience.

Robot Jox
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Dune — A great book also
The Three Amigos
Dear GOD — A goodie I found on late-tv years ago.
Mission Impossible
Legend of Drunken Master
Ghost Busters I and II
Ernest Goes to Jail
Jackie Chan’s First Strike
The Freshmen
Hot Shots
Spaced Invaders
El Dorado

Not all of them are my favorites although a few are, they all are however good movies xD