Idiot spider

I am so stupid !!!

I’m sitting here working on a the configuration file stuff in my options class and BAM the laptop shuts down on me.

Battery firmly attached and not in use, laptops been on at least an hour and a half or more but it’s still cool, no signs of blockages of ports and the fan was fine last I looked.

Rolled my chair around and made sure the power cable was in the socket check,

turned around to the other flank and saw that the light on the mobile surge protector was on, check, back to the poor laptop…

“Wait”, I rolled back around and picked up the A/C Adopter and the surge protector/cable segment had come unplugged — BINGO WE HAVE A WINNER !!!

I can’t believe I’ve been sitting here using the battery the whole time, like a moron… But I am very glad that I save files often when editing and that vim keeps a swap file so I didn’t lose any thing but the open tabs in knoqueror and the interipters history.

It would kind of suck to lose the entire projects files on day one =/

Saved by the editor… hehe