searchlet prototypes

Oy’vey why does it have to be so easy to take a nap after chow with that dang couch =/

I suppose it is just as well that I’m finishing Dune tonight as I work because in this case the sleeper must awaken 😉

I’m trying to finish work on a routine to search the ports tree and generate the necessary stuff for a widget to display. The next phase is to experiment with how signals and slots workout through Python. Then build a more complete ‘searchlet’ module that can be integrated once the rest of work on the GUI is done. When I get a chance I’ll try to post a screen shot of the minimal searchlet in some portion of completion.

I’d also like to work on a few mock ups in designer or a few drawings in kolourpaint of possible configurations of the GUI.


I’ve basically finished the routine for searching the ports tree via psearch and getting it to display:

click to enlarge
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I think I’ve also figured out how to connect a C++ signal to a slot in the Python code but I’m still testing with that. The Signals & Slots mechanism is one thing that I do like a lot about QT. I’ve yet to use the Designer tool for any of this but for ease of use I probably will beyond test modules like the one pictured above.

I am using C++ documentation for most of this, so I am pretty dang glad that the best docs I’ve ever found in my time aroung computers has been the OpenBSD Manual, Vim’s :help stuff, and Trolltechs excellent offerings on qt documentation through the assistant program and the WWW. I also love that konqueror has qt, qt3, kde, and kde3 time saving web shortcuts like the wp (wikipedia) one I use so often.