Some where between merryment and torment, there lays the occasion =/

I’m definitally not looking forward to the holidays… but time stops for no man.

Not really in the mood for coding tonight, I’m tired.. Started work at like 0130 last night, finished and started reading about QT, then logged off for bed ’round 0400… And fell asleep after 0600 !!!

Looking over some of the first things I ever wrote programming wise. The creation dates are mostly november 2005 although the binary of dev-cpp is marked as feburary 2005 on my moms PC. To be honest, I have no real idea why I started learning programing =/ And it’s been at least 2 years since day one with C++.

I probably decided, I’d been around PC’s long enough and wanted to try taking it to the next level, maybe that is why… I don’t really know but I am glad I did. I know what pushed me into the level of computer studies I have, was a little trip through the WWW in that direction and the fish, ehh spider was hooked. I think it was The Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTO that hooked me, I wanted to learn more.

It’s December 2007 and I’ve come a long way. From a Windows XP user with no love of DOS. To practically living in a shell and thriving on *BSD systems. C++ I have not used in a long time, snored through Perl… nice tool but not my style. Java, from a book but never cared much for writing in it. C, because I wanted to see the differences between C++ and C, and what I found was a language I liked 10,000 * more lol. Always hated shell script… but came to value it as a great tool once I got used to it. Python and I didn’t hit it off and Ruby I had scoffed at early on before I decided on C++ as my first language.

One day, out of boredom I sat down and said, “Ok I’m learning Ruby” and a love affair was bourne. For my current task, I’ve been cramming the Python and QT like a mad hatter!

HTML, I also muddled with fromtime to time but rarely used. Eventually, writing in XHTML kind of replaced my need for a word processor haha! I’ve also had a longing to learn Ada but have never had the time :@, Scheme syntactically I find a bit strange but I guess I’m not used to lisp like languages.

I wonder, where the next couple of years will lead me, GOD only knows.