Blissful reading, uhh cramming.

Finished off the last of my library books.

I only read the sections of Upgrading & Repearing Servers that I was interested in, didn’t have time to even open the book on TCP/IP… I probably don’t need that level of information right now, filled for ‘check out again later’ hehe.

Skipped most of the book on Java and like last time I read a book on Java. I’ve also managed to avoid writing a lot of Java code, not a language I am very fond off… but would likely prefer Java to C++, then again I generally prefer C to C++ too hehe. The goal however was not to get into writing Java programs but to see how much the language had changed since the mid-late 1990’s.

Most of my interest in the books I checked out was the Linux Programming Bible, which was useful for a few of the things common to Unix like OSes. For which the only good examples I have been able to dig up in the past, has been reading my Operating Systems user land programs.

The Security book, heck I would by that sucker if I had the cash; especially if there was a 5th edition xD

I generally inhale information when I am free to just do so, so polishing them off was not a problem.