wrapping make config

I was trying to work on creating a simple pop up window that would list of a ports configuration options, same as the dialog you get when doing a make config on a port with options. But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how on earth to nab it because of it being a multi line variable.

With the bird screaming my head off and Ma trying to bake (including calling for help). I gave up on even trying.

Tonight I sat down and tried to *concentrate*, it sucks that I’ve got to wait till everyone else is asleep to ensure I can work with my brain on my thoughts… But the anwser to the problem it me quite quickly once I started tonight.

Don’t think about it as grabbing the OPTIONS out of th Makefile, think of it as if I was the make program!

So obviously if I was make(1) I would want to look through the Makefile in order to find all variables declared. Storing them in a simple data structure and relying on the @ EOL continuation syntax that is used — So I would be getting the ‘whole’ thing when storing a variable for later reference.

Stepping back to the problem at hand, I made it look exclusively for Options by wrapping it in a regex check for the specific variable rather then any. I’ve converted the routine to be able to hunt for an indicated rather then specific variable so it is not so closely tied to the problem it is actually solving for me.

Next up, figuring out how QT handles check boxes and adusting the routine for a ‘nicer’ way to use it.

When I can just sit and work/read, I can in-hale a problem/book but when I’ve got to do things so late at night, I am limited to how long I can go until my brain just conks out of logical thinking… Do to the requirement for sleep.