code at last

Spent tonight working on rewritten logger and options modules for the next phases of their prototypes.

There still is a fair bit of work to do with logger (i.e. telling it / getting from it the name of log file(s)) but it’s now essentially integrated with the rest of the program. Internally the module might change quite a bit but it’s usage throughout NPM will remain pretty much the same save where the above is concerned ^ (basically within the options module).

The options module is quite a lot cleaner imho, now has a search for a config file and can write the configuration file, the module matures bit by bit. I’ve also streamlined the configuration file a bit but I’ve still got to find the time to work on some concept drawings of the GUI’s configuration menu.

I also want to take a look at QAction and QActionGroup later on based on inputs from the QT4 doc’s.

*technically* I could probably get it operational for building a port right now with a wee bit of work… But I’d much rather have the bloody thing working properly and tested first :-).

*sigh* after 0400… time for bed because work is in the morning. It sucks that I’ve to wait till like 2300 or later to start coding… Any attempt at getting stuff done while the rest of my family is awake has proved futile over the last year and a half….. I could be so much more productive if I didn’t have to cram-things around every one.. I’ve got paper work due for En4cers inbox that’s overdue, school work piling up, and a project to work on (npm) and I’ve got to fit it all into the time slot of

>= every one else in bed
< I'm ready to pass out
< the time to go to work
<= time to go to bed if I'm ever gonna get to work on time