Holy glockomoly…. LaTeX makes XHTML look hard and that was a cake walk.

for the software,

pkg_add -r latex2e

Which of course fetches tex. Then I installed print/dvips via ports since there was no package on the mirror. Then I did a pkg_add -r of dvips2ascii because I’d like to setup my vimrc file for viewing files, since it already can handle pdf’s hehe.

So far the only bad thing that seems to come in mind about working directly in LaTeX is having to define label{} on elements that we want to ref{} later

latex handles the *.tex files written and makes the *.dvi, which dvips can turn into *.ps (PostScript), I think dvipdf requires dvips to work right not sure.

So essentially from LaTeX sources a lot of formats can be generated, while allowing a very easy writing experience in the comfort of ones favorite editing application.